Big Plan

So definitely… myriads bookmarks waiting… Ideas full head… Expect to write articles about how to make a Web site (wordpress, CSS and HTML), about subcultures, about postmoderně, about rave culture, open source and shared economy, about the industry 4.0, i.e. artificial intelligence, neural networks, machine learning, computer vision, Virtual reality, automation and ready. I will continue to write about quantum computers, the theory of parallel universes, the CRISPR and similar technologies in biology. Superman I’ll make a list of the nicest knajp in Prague and choose the best alarm clock for a good starting day. I a great list of shortcuts for quick operation and a bit of software as zlehčí work. I share dozens of foreign articles about the technologies of the future, science and not only I can ‘t do it myself, so you have to help me. Write about what you like, add a good song, or paint a picture… Great plans… Long run…

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