Make predictions in 5 minutes

Sklearn, Statsmodels, Tensorflow… Neural nets, regressions. Time series predictions all at once and really simple…

Nice pictures

You will find beautiful pictures here (wallpapers ). Across themes. From surrealism to Hipstr deer with triangles…

Deep inside – Deep dubstep mix

Labels like Deep medi, Infernal Sounds, aGradeDubstep, DeeperSide, DeeperVibrations… Artists like Biome, Leon Switch a many more. Download possible.

Melodic hardcore

The very best of melodického hardcoru.Bands like Landscapes, More Than Life, Foxxes, Defeater, Crookes. Youtube playlist. Share with the family.

Objective source of e-learning

Infinitely interesting topics such as quantum physics, parallel universes, dark matter, dark energy, black holes, white holes, wormhole, WARP Drive, horizon of events, theoretical physics, gravitational waves, general theory of relativity, singularity, Casimir phenomenon, theory Strings, the theory of great unions

Set unbelievebla (future garage mix)

Best of future garage, liquid dubstep, music from space. Artists like Koan Sound, Systek, Captain Panic!, SYNC24. Set like from other planet, so share it. Unseen – set unbelievebla.

Deep dubstep

The very best of deep dubstep music. Leon Switch, Biome, Congi, Kryptic Minds. Youtube playlist. Labels like Dunes dubstep, Deeper side, Nagyon Nagy.

Dark techno

Best of techno music. Artists like Extrawelt, Kanding Ray, Max Cooper, Techno animal. Youtube playlistu. Share it


Best of neurofunk. Joe Ford, Koan sound, Khronos, Billain, Neurofunkgrid, Blackout, Youtube playlist.

Sound snacks

Sound snacks,  yummy music… Youtube playlist. Techno, psytrance atack…


The very best of oldies music. Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Beatles, Boney M, Mungo Jerry and many many moore


Best of ambient. Youtube playlist. Relax music. Sorrow, Bliss, Burial, Carbon Life Baseforms…

Where to go to the festival

List for me personally the most interesting festivals in Europe. Different styles. From psytrance, through techno, Postrock to cooltour flying circuses.


Favourite songs. Things that you can sing with. A lot of Czech music. A lot of indie. Boney M, ABBA, AC/DC

New pedagogy

A page about new pedagogy and virtual reality. Learning using apps, phones, tablets. Every student Ma another tempo and teacher teaches them all equally. Tablet No.

Synthetic life

In addition to the four natural complementary bases, a further two… or another great advancement in the field of artificial life or big thanks to visionaries like Craig Venter and many others. Discussion instead of whopping. Caution Instead of fear. … CRISPR heals you rather than faith… The entire genetic alphabet contains only four letters. […]

Future garage

The very best of future garage. Synkro, Sorrow, Captain Panic!, Vacant, Clams casino… OriginalFakeism, Fae child, Future collection, FOMH. Youtube playlist


Djent music compilation. Artist like Born of Osiris, After the Burial, Architects, Cloudkicker and many more


The best ballads. Indie, Pop, all that's sad. Artists like Lana Del Rey, Kings Of Leon, Blue Foundation, Astronautalis and others.


Bands like Saddest Landscapes, Rosetta, Emmure, SikTh, Raein and many more. Youtube playlist.


The very best of post-rock music. Bands like Mono, 65 Days of Static, Jakob, Caspian, Kwoon, EF, Sigur Rós etc.. Youtube playlist.


Best of dubstep. Music compilation – youtube playlist. Artist like Joe Ford, Arkasia, Koan Sound, Klaypex. Labels like Neurofunkgrid. Pošli kámošům.


The very best of chillwave music. Ishome, Synkro, Our Samplus, Moderat, Clams Casino, Chet Faker…

Electro swing

Best of electro swing. Youtube playlist copilation. Algorithmik, Boogie Belgigue, Smokey Joe The Kid, Chinese man. Share with your friends.

Trip hop

Best of trip-hop. Artists like Massive Attack, Portishead, DJ Shadow, Chinese man, Saltillo, Morcheeba, Archive, Boards of Canada, Gramatik, Dj Krush. Youtube playlist.


The very best of indie music. Chet Faker, Fugazi, La Roux, Lana Del Rey, Gorillaz, Parov Stelar. Youtube playlist. Share…

Find your place (weedcaching)

Geocaching in conjunction with another hobby helps each other… Discover the beautiful places to go on a trip and share yours.