Make predictions in 5 minutes

Sklearn, Statsmodels, Tensorflow… Neural nets, regressions. Time series predictions all at once and really simple…

Objective source of e-learning

Infinitely interesting topics such as quantum physics, parallel universes, dark matter, dark energy, black holes, white holes, wormhole, WARP Drive, horizon of events, theoretical physics, gravitational waves, general theory of relativity, singularity, Casimir phenomenon, theory Strings, the theory of great unions

New pedagogy

A page about new pedagogy and virtual reality. Learning using apps, phones, tablets. Every student Ma another tempo and teacher teaches them all equally. Tablet No.

Synthetic life

In addition to the four natural complementary bases, a further two… or another great advancement in the field of artificial life or big thanks to visionaries like Craig Venter and many others. Discussion instead of whopping. Caution Instead of fear. … CRISPR heals you rather than faith… The entire genetic alphabet contains only four letters. […]