Deep inside – Deep dubstep mix

Labels like Deep medi, Infernal Sounds, aGradeDubstep, DeeperSide, DeeperVibrations… Artists like Biome, Leon Switch a many more. Download possible.

Set unbelievebla (future garage mix)

Best of future garage, liquid dubstep, music from space. Artists like Koan Sound, Systek, Captain Panic!, SYNC24. Set like from other planet, so share it. Unseen – set unbelievebla.

Where to go to the festival

List for me personally the most interesting festivals in Europe. Different styles. From psytrance, through techno, Postrock to cooltour flying circuses.

New pedagogy

A page about new pedagogy and virtual reality. Learning using apps, phones, tablets. Every student Ma another tempo and teacher teaches them all equally. Tablet No.

Invitation to the Bar

An invitation to a bar that has never been. One beautiful party on student dormitories Strahov. Music, alcohol, friends, fun, more needless.

Find your place (weedcaching)

Geocaching in conjunction with another hobby helps each other… Discover the beautiful places to go on a trip and share yours.

DIY publishing house Prague

DIY Publishing. We publish handmade books made with love. Price only material, but we must love it. We will issue music in the future.

Artificial life….

Search Una theme artificial life. Simulators, neural networks, cellular automata, evolutionary algorithms… Informatics, biology, philosophy…