#Post-rock music compilation


Her Name Is Calla – Pour More Oil

Versa – We Are Not What We Say We Are.

Jakob – Resolve

Caspian – “Ríoseco” (Official Audio)

Pray For Sound – Mourner

잠비나이 – Connection

Kwoon – Schizophrenic

This Will Destroy You – Quiet

Indignu ~ Choro Da Saudade

Ef – Lake Vaettern (Ghost City Sessions)

Nordic Giants – A Thousand Lost Dreams

Deadhorse – Last Night of the World

Carontte – Weak

April Rain ~ Exploring Yourself With A Knife

Mono – Ashes In The Snow | Live | Moshcam

Blueneck – Lilitu

Maybeshewill – Co-Conspirators

Arms and sleepers – Matador

(Un) Told Prejudices – French Teen Idol

Lost in Kiev – Hope, Fights & Disillusions

Sleep Party People – I’m Not Human At All

Low – Lullaby

Long Distance Calling – Invisible Giants ᴴᴰ

Aesthesys – Sailing to Byzantium

Mogwai – George Square Thatcher Death Party

If These Trees Could Talk – Red Forest

Mono – Halo

Sigur Rós – Fjögur píanó [Official Music Video]

Sigur Rós – Valtari [Official Music Video]

Sigur Rós – Varúð (Valtari Mystery Film Experiment / Directed By Jeff Ray)

Out Of Sight ~ Reasons

Signal Hill – This New Year’s Absence

Maybeshewill – Not For Want Of Trying

Double Handsome Dragons – Are We Not the Future of This Nation?

Caspian – Further Up + Further In

Long Distance Calling – Fire in the Mountain

God Is An Astronaut – Suicide By Star

Frames – Don’t Stay Here

Ef – Ett

Blueneck – Seven

Industries of the Blind – I just wanted to make you something beautiful

If These Trees Could Talk – Barren Lands Of The Modern Dinosaur

[Smazané video]

Gifts From Enola – City Lights Scraped The Sky

And So I Watch You From Afar – Set Guitars To Kill

Mono – Follow The Map

Year of No Light – Perséphone

econd Class Citizen – Change (What We’re Creating) (Official Video)

daysofstatic ‘Radio Protector’

Maybeshewill – He Films the Clouds, Pt.

Explosions in the Sky – Let Me Back In

daysofstatic – Retreat! Retreat!

Explosions in the sky – First breath after coma

God Is An Astronaut – Echoes HD

Adolf Plays The Jazz – Lesser Will

April Rain-I Loved You On This Day

Adolf Plays The Jazz ~ iNumb

daysofstatic – The Conspiracy of Seeds

As The Stars Fall – Revolt

Kwoon – I lived on the Moon

epkano – Gretchensong

One Hour Before The Trip ~ Vagabond

Soup – Clandestine Eyes

Skyed pillars: Fated children

I Am The Ocean – A Going Under

Курс Кая – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Fargo – Köln

If These Trees Could Talk – When The Big Hand Buries The Twelve

No Clear Mind – Dream Is Destiny

And So I Watch You From Afar – Eunoia / Big Thinks Do Remarkable – Audiotree Live

April Rain – Paroxysm of Happiness

Celestial Wolves – Seagulls & Elephants

Emancipator – When I Go

Over The Ocean ~ The Rich, The Poor

An Emerald City – Mull Pasha

Explosions In The Sky – Your Hand In Mine

The End Of Science – You Are Dead

twelve – news may be good or bad

Castevet – I Know What A Lion Is

Built Without Hands – Long Distance Calling – Satellite Bay –

And So I Watch You From Afar – Billion People all Alive at Once

Over The Ocean – Paper House

Apple From Earth – Homme

Athletics – IV

If These Trees Could Talk – Left To Rust And Rot

Andrew Bird – Beyond the Valley of the Three White Horses

April or Nil – S.O.S (official music video)

Hammock – …Like Starlight Into Day

April or Nil – Sansara + Epilogue

April Rain ~ My Silent Angel

Apple From Earth – Howard

Arbor Lights – The Mayor & The Diver

Mono – Yearning

Arbor Lights – Interstellar

Celestial Wolves – This Dolby Is Surrounded


Caspian – Asa (Live At Old South Church)

Arms and Sleepers – Léon (Instrumental Version)

Blackeye – Act V: The Last Humanist

Around the World in Days – Requiem

As In We – To Be Able To Be Okay

Arrive Alive – I Know What I’m Doing Is Wrong, But I’m Going to Do It Anyway

As Mountains – Wavering Trees

As The Stars Fall – Some Tears Can Never Dry

Ash of Nubia – Soft As The Massacre Of Suns

Ash of Nubia – Wrong Mistakes in the Right Place

Ash of Nubia – Your Zenith Is My Horizon

Hammock – Disappear Like the Morning

Hammock – Raising Your Voice…Trying To Stop An Echo

We Made God – Gizmo

Atlum Schema – The Last Time

Mandelbrot fractal deep zoom ^ HD

Mono- Nostalgia

Mono – Are You There ?

Mono – The Battle to Heaven

Across The Waves – You Are Not Machines, You Are Men

Anathema – Presence [Lyrics]

We Made God – The Color

Laura – Levodopa

We Made God – Deir Yassin

We Made God – II

And So I Watch You From Afar – A Little Solidarity Goes A Long Way (Music Video)

At The Close Of Every Day – The Estonia Situation

Athletics – Why Aren’t I Home?

Athletics – III

Athletics – It’s Night, It’s Enough

Atlases – Portraits

Au – So Just Hang On, Beautiful One [Official Video]

Aurora – Under the layer of north ices

Aurora Borealis-It`s All Over Now

Bridges of Königsberg – No Longer There

Mono – Moonlight

Colaris – Trail

Collapse Under The Empire – Fragments Of A Prayer

Crimson Mourn – Sleep, Don’t Wake Up

Nevermind the Name – In a Lifetime

Apollo – Aurora Gagarin

And So I Watch You From Afar – Gangs – / Lifeproof

Kitchen – I Saw The Devil

Kwoon – Frozen Bird

Lady & Bird – La Ballade of Lady and Bird

[Smazané video]

Deadhorse – New Bones

Sigur Ros – Njosnavelin [HD]

Austin TV – Vendran lluvias suaves

Autism – Bleak Reverie

Autonomia – Sørgesang for naturen

Autumn In Hiroshima – Arizona’s Ground Zero (Official Video)

Avalon – Mountains Into Sand

Away the ways – O’Clock

Bark Psychosis – Absent Friend

Deadhorse – “No Particular Night Or Morning” Music Video

As The Stars Fall – Redux

Apparat – You Don’t Know Me – Octane

And So I Watch You From Afar – Mount Kailash

Balmorhea – Remembrance (Official Video)

Barrows – Lost in the Woods

Baulta – Black lodge / White lodge

Be Water – A Stampede

The Calm Blue Sea ~ We Happy Few

ATHLETICS “See You On The Other Side” Montage (Deep Elm Records)

Before And After Science – “The Only Thing You Need To Know” Official Video

Behzad Mehrnoosh – Drömmeri

Behzad Mehrnoosh – Välkommen (Till Vildmarken)

Beirut – Guyamas Sonora (music video)

Bengtsarvet – Slutet (Official Video)

Besides – At Night

Betrayal at Bespin – Atlantic

Baulta – Golden Veins, Happy Years, Now I’m Dead

Betrayal At Bespin ~ Strange Days

Beware of Safety – The Difference Between Wind and Rain

Beware Of Safety – O’Canada

bitcrush – Fray The Middle To Meet The Ends

Bitcrush – An Island, A Penninsula (Swan(s) Lake Mix By Vanessa Van Basten)

Bitcrush – To Collapse Into

[Smazané video]

Blien Vesne – Dos peces

Black market serotonin: Singularity

Blackeye – Reasons

Blackpaperplanes – Escape

Blackpaperplanes – Everyone Pays For Themselves

Besides – Undone

Exxasens – Your Dreams Are My Dreams

Her Name Is Calla – Condor and River

When The Clouds – The Dawn And The Embrace

There’s a Light – We Choose to Go to the Moon

Do Not Be Surprised What Is Happening – Minus

Before And After Science-The Only Thing You Need To Know

FALL OF MESSIAH – Die zeit wird den rest erledigen

Beware of Safety – To The Roof! Let’s Jump And Fall

EF – Bells Bleed & Bloom (Radio Edit)

Blien Vesne – Aún el leviatán

Blind Architect – Sixth

Blonde Bear – In Light of this Catastrophe

Mogwai – San Pedro [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Hungry Ghosts – I Don’t Think About You Anymore But, I Don’t Think About You Anyless

EF – I Never Felt This Way Before

Blue Chill – It’s You

Blueneck – Ub


Dezerett – Happy Song

Mogwai – I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead

Earth Science – These Are Not Bees

Blueneck – Epiphany

Bright Like The Sun – Across The Floors Of Silent Seas


Empire Of The Sea – Sisters Sparrow

Her Name Is Calla – The Union: Into The West

aesthesys~ I Am Free, That Is Why I’m Lost.

Blind Architect – KCW

Arms and Sleepers – Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

EF – Hello Scotland

Her Name Is Calla – A Blood Promise

Dezerett – I`m Running Away Cause I Owe You Money

EF – Delusions Of Grandeur

[Smazané video]

[Smazané video]

Empire Of The Sea – Brother Crow

Exxasens – Polaris

Indignu – Capítulo IV – Santa Helena

Indignu ~ Carruagem Dos Magistrados

Lost In Kiev – I’m Stuck

EF – Thee barren soil of Messaure

Lymbyc Systym – Truth Skull

EF-Where G Mallory sleeps

Catacombe – Grundsatz/Supernova

Catacombe – Memoirs

Exxasens – Melancolie

Euphoria – Silence in everywhere

Her Name is Calla – A Moment Of Clarity

MOTEK – Ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness

Syberia – The Day After The End Of The World

UpcDownCLeftCRightCABC+Start ~ Fireflies

Exxasens – Lost In Space

[Smazané video]

Caves of Steel – Last Citizen of the USSR

Cameron James Laing (Bunny Suit) – The Way

Lymbyc Systym – Bedroom Anthem

Butterfly Explosion – Automatic

Indignu – Capítulo V no fim ninguém quer trevas

Arms And Sleepers – “Helvetica”

Lymbyc Systym – Downtime (Snakeweed Sessions)

Processed Spirits – Lymbyc Systym

Indignu – Curta-Metragem (A Espera)

Kino-Arms and Sleepers (Thisquietarmy remix)

Maybeshewill – Take This To Heart

Films – I’m Sleeping Under The Dead Tree

Upcdowncleftcrightcabc+Start – I Think About Forever

Tides From Nebula “Now Run”

Sleep Dealer – My Sorrow

Sleep Party People – Gazing At The Moon

Caves of Steel – Lisa Nowak Love Story

Sleep Dealer – The way home

Six Gallery – Built to last

(young) American Landscape – Slow Dive

Lymbyc Systym – Narita

Loose Lips Sink Ships – The Wisdom of Karl Malone’s Sternum Fin

Lights Out Asia – Mir

Sleepmakeswaves – one day you will teach me to let go of my fears

Tides From Nebula – Only With Presence (official video)

Low Roar – Because We Have To

Six Gallery – Glacier de las Lágrimas

Hollow Talk by Choir of Young Believers

Sleep Party People – A Dark God Heart

Motek – Combi Collina (Official videoclip)

Cloudkicker – Let yourself be huge

Sólstafir – Lágnætti (Official Music Video)

Toundra – Ara Caeli

Maybeshewill – Relative Minors

Blueneck – Oig

(The) Slowest Runner (In All The World) – Zoë Machete Control

(young) American Landscape – Fortunate One

All Angels Gone ~ Wave

…And The Earth Swarmed With Them – Leaving The Old

…i want to be remembered

GIFTS FROM ENOLA – “Weightless Frame”

Toundra – Lilim

Morphines – The Moonlight Dance

daysofstatic – Crash Tactics

daysofstatic – PX

A Garden Overgrown – With Endless Love, We Left You Sleeping

A Red Season Shade – Praising the Distance Concept

A Shelter In The Desert-Hard Times

(young) American Landscape – Running Like Sparks Through The Stubble

Mogwai – Take Me Somewhere Nice

All Angels Gone – Others As Mirrors

All Shall Be Well – Something Happened On Our Way Home [official video]

Aphasia – Deep Spring

Toundra – Cielo Negro (Black Sky)

Toundra – Requiem

daysofstatic – Memorydress

Butterfly Explosion – Carpark

Canyons of Static – Columns

Toundra – Danubio

…And The Earth Swarmed With Them – The Slow Decay Had Already Begun

Flash the Readies – Void

Toundra – Génesis

Gifts from Enola – Benthos

Gifts From Enola / Trieste

All Angels Gone-Unrelated

Her Name Is Calla – The Union- Into The West

If These Trees Could Talk – What’s In The Ground Belongs To You (audio)

JAKOB – “Malachite”

Caspian – Halls of the Summer

Wang wen – Break the cars

Maybeshewill – Red Paper Lanterns (Official Music Video)

Maybeshewill – Opening – Take This To Heart

No Respect for Beauty – I am a Shadow

Anadelta – Oceans

All Shall Be Well – History Is Ever Ours For The Reliving (HD)

Anatomy of the Bear – A Gentle Breeze

– Anathema – The Lost Child

Anatomy of the Bear – June

Jakob – Blind Them With Science

Kwoon – Swan

Our Ceasing Voice – Afterglow (Official Music Video)

MIAVA – Every Heart is A Beating Piece of Shit

All Shall Be Well – There will always be at least a thousand things you don’™t know

epkano – Everybody Is Already Down Below

Arca – Endormir les hommes

Aesthesys – Sailing to Constantinople – HD

Immanu El ~ Under Your Wings I’ll Hide

Gifts From Enola – Weightless Thought

Alcest – Délivrance

Pygmy Lush – It’s A Good Day To Hide

the best pessimist ~ forgive me .

Gifts from Enola – Aves

Sigur Rós “Dauðalogn”

Aurora Borealis – Shine For Me

Locomotora – Minipax

Sleepstream – The Spirit

A Dog Called Ego – Tell Me That I´m Not Awake

ryvulet – Part I: ropes in a river

Tides From Nebula – “Siberia” [Nebula Studio Live Sessions]

Caspian – …Reprise

Sleepmakeswaves – What We Cannot Speak Of Must Be Passed Over In Silence

Anatomy of the Bear – The Glowing Night Sky

Catacombe – Nadir

Russian Circles – Verses

Old Gray- My Life With You, My Life Without You

Foxing “Rory” (Official Music Video)

Pray for Sound – Monophonic (official music video)

Pray for Sound – Decayer

Sleeping Bear ~ All That You Love Will Be Carried Away

Tides From Nebula – “Satori” [Nebula Studio Live Sessions]

Tides Of Man – Young and Courageous

Bear The Mammoth – In Absence Of Gravity

Nordic Giants ± Together

Caspian – Ghosts Of The Garden City

The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die – Getting Sodas

Mogwai – Ratts of the Capital

JAKOB – “Everything all of the time”

Laura – Another One For The Humans

The Ascent of Everest – Trapped Behind Silence / Return to Us

Whale Fall – I Shall Sail No More (No More Shall I Sail)

Kokomo – Monochrome Noise Love

Kokomo – Fuchs

Jakob – Oran Mor

Arbor Lights – The Silent City

[Smazané video]

hubris – Doom Mons (Apocryphal Gravity)

Collapse Under The Empire “Far To The Past”

Black Clouds – Divide (It’s Not As If We Mattered, Part )

The Last Days The Time Will Never Come Back

Do Not Be Surprised What Is Happening – Minus

Lost In Kiev – Under Close Surveillance

Kayo Dot – Marathon

sleepmakeswaves – …and so we destroyed everything (Track )

Audiocæneat! – From The Massives To The Masses

A Whisper In The Noise – As We Were

GIFTS FROM ENOLA – “Melted Wings”