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The Robot teaches children

Needless to refer to scientists ‘ research on the course of cognitive science that what we read does not remember what we hear we do not remember less and what we see do not remember the least. Is the sin of shame and sadness that in the year 2017 teaches us as much as taught by our parents. How is it possible that one educator teaches thirty different souls the same things at the same rate…. Believe it or not but the operating system will do better and stahaným and ill-paid teachers finally have time to get out of the eye with the children asking and not only to dictate the curriculum, thereby simply ridding them of motivation. Instead of curiosity, it encourages us to go for a beer school…  And yet it is so beautiful to know more and understand better… After each exam I hoped that the school as the longest time Neuvidim… And they have it all seeing. The school should not be a place with information today, because they are all on the internet today. It would be far more likely to give people motivation and reasons why it is better to understand some things. Don ‘t push it into people, but just give it to them. Because otherwise a few percent will end up with learning in 26 and the vast majority in eighteen. And one should learn his whole life. Learning to learn so that it amuses him. To open a scholarly book at some time after school. Syčáci schoolchildren for hours looking to smartphones… So let them at least install something that gives them something…

Solo learn – best app to learn programming. Languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python

Khan academy – Mathematics, Biology, chemistry…

Studying painting – Fine Art

Functional ear trainer – an aid for musicians (learn to recognize what tone in the scale goes)

Wikiki  – Queen or Diderot would roll his eyes. Mobile · Even more readable and faster and a nicer list to save for later….

Guide to linux – how to dominate the great operating system so as to work ro you

Duolingo – Learn language

Anatomy learning – Learn from what you

Beautifully animated about the problem here

about what is the difference between convergent and divergentním thinking, why the current system of divergent thinking-a necessary part of creativity-from kindergarten rather stifles why so many schoolchildren in amerike must eat Ritalin and similar drugs.

And the future of pedagogy….?

It will be better and better, lighter and lighter, more fun and fun

Virtual reality and new pedagogy the hand in hand moves towards the brighter tomorrow

Alternative pedagogical schemes, such as among others Montessori (despite the fact that criticism is certainly justified (to make it even more thoughtful in the future)) must time to play prim…

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Poor pedagogy

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