DIY publishing house Prague

We publish books and cassettes

Home Publishing House. We do everything manually

Write to us if you want to do anything. If you want to, we’ll teach you. Feedback.

For at least money. For the cost of paper and other

Mainly from love we do this





1. Christmas book for the Hečkovu family (5 pcs)

It is planned to do:

Book of poems by Mark Rag
Vernal Equinox and second book for the Hečko family
Two collections of Jan Kubicek. Trees are going into battle. Me, the man.
Bojek and his experiences with invissible. This is a mystic man exploring the 20th century.
Kupka – Creation in art
Jan entries and drawings with journals
The Sacred pipe (report-Black-moose-O-seven-the Rites-Sioux-Oglala) and that directed Vlastík

Plenty of ideas and yet vague even more

I’m looking forward to it.