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My name is Daniel Malachov. I make beautiful and cheap websites . If you want to see something from what I’ve done, you can go through the website you’re on. The main advantage of WordPress is its simplicity, so the customer can then add articles, images, merchandise and the like without having to know HTML and CSS languages. I also offer a lesson of everything needed for further editing in WordPress (in person in Prague), also creating graphics and editing photos. I can make an e-shop for you, a blog to promote photos, or images, a blog about anything, a page that promotes an event, or anything else. I also offer page creation in HTML and CSS (zero-based creation, code is clearer and faster, but uživel can only change pages if it controls the basics of HTML and CSS.) The second option is more time consuming, more and for the end user has more disadvantages (therefore, more than a third of the website is created on WordPress). A lot of people will tell you that this is better for you, but the reasons are often that the programmer will get more money for it, and that’s extra every time you want to change something on the site. Creating a site is a thing beautiful and important, because whatever you do, if no one knows about it, it is a fart valid.


I also offer renovation of the site. This means a complete change in the appearance of old pages to the appearance of modern, widescreen, responsive. Reason? The old versions of CSS and HTML didn ‘t support much responsive design, and it was a popular ad… And because each monitor was otherwise wide, each page had wide unused surfaces and quite often a side column with a menu… For example, see page. Today, the options are different, tastes have also changed and therefore today are popular “wide” sites and especially responsive, so that they can be read well on phones. Here’s a teaser. You can see at first glance the opposite “Hipstero” trend, where a sort of minimalism is evident. Instead of a lot of pictures and a complex menu, where you have 9 options and each will go after the next 12 options, today is usually one photo full screen and in the menu only about 4 options.

Old  X  NewNew Design


The cost is determined by the time spent on the page creation. So it depends how much elaborate you will want to have a look, if I will do the content (lyrics, images, videos), how much the page will have subpages and the like. Creating a site I enjoy and my time I value only at 120 CZK/hour (27 CZK = 1 EURO), which is more than twice as less as the competition. The reason is that because of school I have to work from home and I do not have much to choose from.

So how much is this page coming out?

160 CZK/year price per domain (after “name” page)

400 CZK/year price for hosting (for whoever will have a site on their server)

2 500 CZK price for my work: (Basic web, around 20 hours of work)

5 000 € price for my work: (Advanced web, around 40 hours of work)

Together from 3 000 CZK

For a basic site, tell me exactly how you want the page, what you want it to be, give me the pictures, and about what the text should be, or preferably the text on the page.

For a larger site i will develop layout, I will devote more time to things like UX design, SEO and web strategy, I will search and edit photos tailored to the site, I write a few A4 pages of text, or i will makes photos according to the entry, i will install more plugins for more functionality.

Renovation works out logically much cheaper than the whole new site. An estimate can be as much as 8 hours, i.e. 800 CZK

Competitor Price Sample

Common price for example here.

The professional approach of larger companies is also otherwise evaluated, see for example here.

The price of sites that are formed from scratch not via WordPress is in a totally different price relationship. Informatively for example here.

Always look at what’s included in the price, how much additional adjustments are worth, whether SEO is optimized and whether the operator is simplified to a sufficient degree. You will find a cheap price somewhere, but if you calculate things that are not in the base (hundreds of crowns for one standard, another for optimizing SEO, another for editing photos and form), you get to the amount of another.

Web 2

WordPress is a publishing system using PHP language and database in MySQL. It has a huge user base and therefore most of the problems that people solve have long been solved. Usually just download the so-called. Plugin, install, turn on and we have the feature we wanted. On the internet there are many “programmers” who brag about doing websites and not being afraid to take decent money, the result is poor. WordPress only installs, selects the template and ends (CCA. 2 hours of work) and the result is very poor after the design page. Unfortunately, WordPress has a little flawed reputation, but he can ‘t. The ability to edit and customize WordPress to your image is almost limitless. Via WordPress It runs over 70 000 000 pages, which is roughly one quarter of the site. As regards competition, the field of publishing systems takes up more than half.

Another way to make a site is for example using instead of WordPress, where the graphical interface is so far as to get everything quickly and simply naklikáte and program you do not need anything. The downside is that it costs money. The basic version without ADS costs $10 per month, so in five years it’s 15 000 CZK. For example, if you want an eshop, you need at least two times more expensive version. If you are enjoying WordPress, you pay for the job and then you will only pay for the domain and hosting, which in 5 years is about 2750 CZK. The main disadvantage, however, is that what is not in the menu to click, you just have not to, and for a lot of things “extra” you also pay. The undeniable advantage is a simple and nice look, and the time for which you create the site. Other publishing systems include, for example, Drupal or Joomla.

What is included in the price

Purchase of hosting and domain

Installing WordPress

Choosing a suitable template

Install plugins (on this site there is an active CCA. 40) which can guarantee elements such as protection against attacks, spam shields, chat, links with Facebook, YouTube, editors that offer different font sizes and the like and allow you to write posts without knowledge of HTML, calendars, maps and much more.

Writing cascading styles that specify the appearance of the page, what will be the color, how far away from the edge, and so on.

SEO optimization to make the browser prioritize in front of other similar sites.

Link to social networks, especially Facebook, because it pulls a lot of people to the page

As the page looks and works, I leave it to the customer’s request. I’m going to make it to the paper. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I have a lot of tricks (which I keep for myself) how to make things faster than it can be at first glance, so for someone who is familiar with WordPress only a while, the creation of quality pages would last much more than 100 hours.

What is needed, why it lasts as long and how it all done is on the page

tutorial on creating a site in WordPress step by step

Where is the detailed guide from start to finish if you want to do the site yourself. I leave it to you, but since I have given it a lot of time and effort, I believe that I will do it faster, better, and ultimately even cheaper than you alone…