Who we are and contact

Who we are and why

We are lovers, we want to share, create, watch, be amused. Community? Don’t worry, so much for what it’s worth. Join us. You don’t have to give anything, you can take what you want. It’s just for you. We’ll be ecstatic when you want to share something with us. Write an article, paint a picture or sing a song, or write your most popular movie. Just register and write a email, then you will be able to add anything.

Our email is: info@nicehoseneboj.cz

You’ll get to the home page from anywhere by link….. Don ‘t worry about anything….. Top left. There is also a couple of links to what’s already here. The individual sections are in the toogle menu at the top right. As well as the ability to search or log in. The items will change over time and it’s content will be progressing through time. You can find the most recent posts under the link Wall at the top right.

What do you find here

Go the individual sections in the menu. It will be what we created, what inspired us, heart attack…. You can also search by label. For example, by authors. The page can be either static… Then it’s a page and if you click it next month, it’ll still be the same. In the other case, it will be a column that is going to change over time. You will find a lot of articles, links to useful and beautiful things, full of lifehacks, a lot of suitable software and more…. What you definitely don’t find is advertising, pop music, news about refugees, articles about economics and so on…

One fine day two daredevils build started what they built to be


Jan Hečko

Honza Hečko

email: hecik@email.cz

číslo: 732 10 10 14

I’m from Milevsko, which I love very much. I have been devoted to many culture and enlightenment activities. I learned bachelor at Czech technical university. Now I spend time with the kids in the forest nursery Three valleys and in Prague. I also learned to book custody. I public and emit sounds and words and I am willing to do it in different places with different people. I like Zuzka. I have violin and guitar.


Daniel Malachov

(Dan téměř Nekonečný..)

email: malachovd@seznam.cz

číslo: 720 255 072

I’m from sout of Czech Republic. I am a mental radikalista, an intellectual beginner and an eternal student. Manufacturer of both unusual and extreme experiences. I like beauty and my girlfriend. I have a controller, 4 guitars and bass.

Daniel Malachov